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Posted By: Blue Blazer 2400

Algae? - 07/22/21 01:17 AM

What is this stuff all over my pond? It looks like a cross between pollen and oil. It is only on the surface. My mom is a few miles from me and her pond is the same. It just happened since yesterday. How do I get rid of it?

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Posted By: BrandoA

Re: Algae? - 07/22/21 02:08 PM

Sahara dust maybe
Posted By: mg64

Re: Algae? - 07/22/21 05:04 PM

Might go to Pond Boss and ask the question there. I have no clue.
Posted By: bronco71

Re: Algae? - 07/25/21 04:48 PM

looks like an algae bloom?
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