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Pond designer or builder

Posted By: Hasletangler

Pond designer or builder - 01/16/20 03:28 AM

Does anyone have a designer or builder that they would recommend in North Texas? I am wanting to build a pond that will someday be a trophy bass lake.
Posted By: Dave Davidson

Re: Pond designer or builder - 01/16/20 12:19 PM

Mike Otto. 940 736 5333
Posted By: Big C

Re: Pond designer or builder - 01/16/20 11:27 PM

I don't know Mike Otto personally, but he does appear on Bob Lusk's (The Pond Boss) show. Here is a link to a one hour video where Bob and Mike discuss pond building. Although from the area south of Houston, Brett Rowley (who used to post in here fairly often) is another one that has been a fisheries biologist for a number of big bass show lakes (Lakes of Danbury, leaps readily to mind). I have been a member of several of his private fishing clubs and he does know his stuff. The problem with having your own true "trophy bass lake" is you need a fair amount of change. Bass are voracious eaters and to have enough that are true trophies, requires a fair amount of maintenance, forage base, etc, etc, noe of which comes cheap. I used to occasionally be invited out to SCI corporations private lake and they spent a ton of money to keep it of trophy quality.

Posted By: Lane Goodwin

Re: Pond designer or builder - 03/11/20 01:33 AM

I know of a great dozer man. He has done several of my tanks at home and is well known. Let me know if you need his number. He’s honest and fair
Posted By: Brian Spagnola

Re: Pond designer or builder - 03/12/20 03:38 PM

My little brother does this, has good experiance also. He's built some beautiful ponds.

Austin Spagnola 972-302-1919
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