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Question about Decker Lake

Posted By: doctorxring

Question about Decker Lake - 04/02/22 07:55 PM

Do you need a reservation to go to the lake Mon-Thur ? Or can you just use the kiosk and go on in ?

Also what time can you go in and launch your boat ?

thanks !
Posted By: Amberlamps

Re: Question about Decker Lake - 04/02/22 08:11 PM

No reservation needed. There is a kiosk at the entrance and its $5 M-THUR unless its a holiday. Gates usually open around 5:30-5:45am but the guy can be late sometimes.
Posted By: doctorxring

Re: Question about Decker Lake - 04/02/22 10:30 PM

Thanks AL !!
Posted By: lconn4

Re: Question about Decker Lake - 04/02/22 11:14 PM

those fish at decker will be far back in the cattails once the sun gets up.. if you see places in the reeds where it looks like someone trampled them down with boat... there is probably a little opening further back that you can fish after pushing up in the same place... once it get quiet and settled down.. you might catch a monster. Haven't fished it in years but that was the key back then..have no idea what water levels are.
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