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Eagle mountain

Posted By: Blackboat74

Eagle mountain - 11/09/21 01:56 AM

Have not fished EM in about 2 1/2 years. Normally stay out west. Meeting a friend out there tomorrow. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Sawyer S

Re: Eagle mountain - 11/09/21 03:28 AM

That lake has been real tough for me. I caught the majority of my fish on the south side of the lake fishing rocks with small crankbaits. The rest were caught up north with spinnerbaits and brush hogs fishing reeds.

Good luck
Posted By: Blackboat74

Re: Eagle mountain - 11/09/21 03:36 AM

Thanks Sawyer, will give that a try.
Posted By: FewJr

Re: Eagle mountain - 11/12/21 01:35 AM

Lake has been on fire for us the last month. Few weeks ago they were in shallow cover last week rock. Lots of 3 to 4 lbrs cought one close to 8lbs. Fish fast till u find out what there doing then just stick to it. If there on rock then fish rock if there on isolated cover then stick to that.
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