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Posted By: bloo_rainger

HELP NEEDED - 08/23/21 02:24 PM

My electrical skills are very limited

I’m trying to figure out if my battery charger is working or not and I don’t know exactly how to do that.
I know my number two battery is good. My charger has a couple of red lights on saying I have a bad connection and or reverse polarity.
I have cleaned all my connections and I know it’s wired correctly.
My number two battery will not charge with the charger so I don’t know if it’s the charger or the connections.
Anyway to verify my charger is actually working or has gone bad?
Posted By: ibfish_n

Re: HELP NEEDED - 08/23/21 02:38 PM

When you checked your battery did you volt or load test? Always load test. Second, some charger will not charge your battery if they are below a certain amp load. I would check battery first. if good then you know its a charger issue.
Posted By: bronco71

Re: HELP NEEDED - 08/23/21 02:42 PM

switch the battery leads and if 2 charges and 1 doesn't one of your charger banks is bad
Posted By: avid_basser

Re: HELP NEEDED - 08/23/21 03:38 PM

Here's what I do...

1) Get a multimeter and check all the batteries WITHOUT the charger plugged in
2) Write down the voltage
3) Plug in the charger and read the batteries again; ideally you should see all banks charging with a stronger current than you read w/ the battery alone
4) Run until the charger states full
5) Read the batteries again before unplugging; they should read around 13.5V when fully charged and on the charger
6) Unplug charger and read batteries again; the batteries alone should be around 12.5V without the charger

If step 3 shows one of the batteries not producing a charge after step 1...you have a dead bank on the charger
If step 6 produces a battery below 12.5...I feel it also shows dyeing bank on the charger as it couldn't meet the full charge

You should also get your batteries load tested as well, as they could read charged until you hit them with a load

This is what I was shown...not 100% it's accurate, but it has worked for me in the past.
Posted By: the skipper

Re: HELP NEEDED - 08/23/21 05:03 PM

Originally Posted by bronco71
switch the battery leads and if 2 charges and 1 doesn't one of your charger banks is bad

Try this and also if that battery was dead the on-board won't always charge it. Sometimes ypu need to bump it with a different charger and then the inboard will take it. If those two don't work then I would say something is up with the charger
Posted By: bloo_rainger

Re: HELP NEEDED - 08/23/21 10:21 PM

Thanks Guys, solid advice….
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