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Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21

Posted By: bassmanrudy

Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21 - 07/06/21 11:00 PM

So a friend asked if I wanted to go fish Lake Fork and of course I said "heck yeah"!! Then found out it was for a Great foundation called "One Tribe" who mission is to "raise awareness and combat suicide by empowering veterans and first responders". Win/win!!

We went over Friday to prefish and whilst dodging rain showers most of the day managed to catch a few fish in 10-12' on Carolina rigs. Ate a great brisket lunch at Oak Ridge and back cavering water til 1600 or so. Then back to Lake Fork Marina to get ready for Sat and register. Registration started at 1800 along with Billy Lawson's weekly youtube post including a "roast" of Billy by several other guides/friends lol!! Over 70 teams signed up. A concert followed after that along with some drinking and some raffles for fundraising. Dinner at Tiffany's and then sweet dreams of those monster bass that swim in Fork!

Sat morning started off with a big breakfast at Tiffany's which was awesome! The lake was windy and there was some rain in the area. We caught a small keeper almost right away on a windy point and then went a couple hours catching a drum, catfish, some slots, and finally one more keeper. After a fairly big rain shower we moved areas and the bass seemed more active. We kept catching smaller and smaller bass but did pick off a keeper off a point. One of the small bass was only "0.4lbs" but since they had a "smallest bass award" going on I was def going to bring it in. The rain moved off and then it got sunny and HOT. We found some bass super shallow (less than 2') in the grass along the shore. Mostly scattered eel grass but also around some pads. They would hit frogs or walking topwater baits but we didn't land all of them that hit regrettably and we only had 4 small under keepers and one "tiny" bass. Saw a really nice 23.5" bass get landed near us by Billy but that fish still falls in the slot so he had to let it go.

We ended the day with 6.18lbs and finished somewhere in the top 20. I don't have a pic yet of me with that small bass but they took a ton of pics so I'm sure I'll find one soon. The winner had 9 something lbs and the results were really tight. Big bass for Sat was a 2.55lb under. The rest of Sat was spent with raffles and a bidding thing to fish Sunday with one of the guides. They were fishing a MLF style tourney and I'm really curious to hear how much weight it took to win that since all the slots could count!!

The One Tribe Foundation was able to raise over $17,000 which is really AWESOME!! Huge shout out to Billy, all his guide friends who helped out, and Lake Fork Marina who hosted this. Here is a link to a video Billy has posted talking about the event. I'm adding some pics that I took and if I can find some more will add them. Everyone should add this too their calendar and fish/support such a Great Event next year!


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Posted By: David Burton

Re: Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21 - 07/07/21 12:20 AM

I agree, the topwater bite was hit and run... I got a nice keeper early, and missed more fish than I care to admit. I would've been in the running had I executed better or received a better taking of the topwater. I pulled out to 15 foot of water and could only get one slot fish and a drum on a C-Rig. Brought back up shallow along the grass and overhangs at the end of the day, but couldn't manage anymore bites.

Unfortunately I didn't know about the additional bonuses, or I would've had a decent outing with my under, but hey... a 2.19lber in July for an under isn't anything to sniff at!

Good cause and good times. I did offer my back seat for a service member/vet, but I guess they didn't need it. Will definitely be out there next year, more prepared for the auction and everything else that goes with the tournament!
Posted By: bassmanrudy

Re: Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21 - 07/07/21 12:33 AM

We didn't have any luck shallow Friday so wasn't expecting it to happen. Water temps were at/around 90° so figured the 10-15' range would be good again.

I didn't bring enough cash to take advantage of the auction items! Some really good events/items offered. I wouldn't mind taking a Vet either. Will get in touch with then earlier on next year to see what they need.
Posted By: Frank the Tank

Re: Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21 - 07/07/21 12:58 AM

Rudy, what other guides were there? This sounds like a great cause.
Posted By: bassmanrudy

Re: Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21 - 07/07/21 01:13 AM

Frank- I'm horrible with names but I recognized a lot of them from Billy's Lake Fork YouTube videos. I'm sure once the editing is done they'll be more videos posted with info. I don't have fakebook so don't know how much is posted there. I'm sure 22 Kill has posted some stuff too.
Posted By: David Burton

Re: Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21 - 07/07/21 02:28 AM

David Ozio beat me for Big Bass... roflmao
Posted By: BigDozer66

Re: Lake Fork One Tribe/22 Kill tourney 3-4 July 21 - 07/08/21 02:00 AM

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