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Where would you go

Posted By: BassfisherHTX

Where would you go - 06/28/21 02:26 PM

If you were gonna take 2 weeks off in late may early June and we’re gonna travel around to anywhere in the US for the sole purpose of bass fishing. Where would you go I wanna try to hit a few lakes and maybe catch some small mouth, but really just wanna go somewhere new and catch fish.
Posted By: Tiltman

Re: Where would you go - 06/28/21 02:47 PM

La Crosse Wi

The northern LMB are crazy aggressive and the exploration up and down the river is a blast.

I plan to summer there some day
Posted By: Bad93ex

Re: Where would you go - 06/28/21 07:06 PM

If you're after Smallies then Butternut Lake in Forest County WI is one of the premier lakes in the United States. Joe Bucher (has fishing TV shows in the Upper Midwest) says that the next record smallmouth will come out of this lake and the lake has walleye, musky and trophy northern pike. The lake is gin clear with a max depth of 42 feet with mostly a sand/rocky bottom with some reeds sprinkled around the lake. My PB smallmouth came out of this lake.

Butternut Lake (Forest County)

There are an additional lakes within a short driving distance of the lake if you wanted to try for anything else along with the Eagle River chain of lakes but those are best to be avoided in the summer due to the sheer amount of boat traffic. Eagle River itself is a nice little tourist town with some nice gift shops and local wineries.

Eagle River Information
Posted By: RayBob

Re: Where would you go - 06/29/21 08:48 PM

Did you read this thread? :

Lotta good suggestions here

June might be a little late.
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