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Classic Marshal Update: Media Day

Posted By: Champion1

Classic Marshal Update: Media Day - 06/11/21 02:09 AM

Had our registration meeting this morning then lunch then we are allowed to hang around for Media Day. The meeting was interesting. There are several guys that fly to Elite tourneys just to Marshal and I met a couple of those, pretty cool. Learned about how to enter the weights into Basstrak and how to use skype if the studio wants to interview your angler and theres no camera around. We are allowed to submit updates to the blog with our own byline if it is used on the website. We are not allowed to tell anyone about rule infractions until after the tournament and then we call the tournament director. Basically we just stay out of the way as best we can. We are not allowed to use our phones for personal use unless its a emergency. We are not allowed to log on and look at Basstrak to see how our angler is doing. if the boat runs aground we are not allowed to help in any way. Unfortunately I couldnt attend much of the Media Day as I had previous commitments, maybe some of the other Marshals will come on and talk about it. We got some great swag too! Some Huk hats, got 3 Bassmaster Marshal Huk shirts, a official Classic hat, and some other items. It was really a good time just wish I could have stayed.
Posted By: BigDozer66

Re: Classic Marshal Update: Media Day - 06/11/21 02:33 AM

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