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Lake Austin Bass ID?

Posted By: Ben Beam 750

Lake Austin Bass ID? - 05/24/21 01:14 AM

My dad caught this good one today and we are not sure if she was a hybrid of a largemouth and a spotted bass or just an odd largemouth or whatever other species are out there so we figured y’all could help out with an id. My dad actually caught two largemouth over six pounds last time out and they were both normal bucket mouthed fish but this one seemed to be very small mouthed for her weight. Also she is very round- football shaped like she is full of spawn but the largemouth for the most part finished spawning weeks ago as far as we know in this part of the lake. I attached a pic of one spawned out largemouth he caught a couple weeks ago to show how different the fish were.

Attached picture BBE8D1C0-7338-4955-8D5C-281FA8209E04.jpeg
Attached picture 731B0654-B114-47A9-9B9F-1FE9123004A8.jpeg
Attached picture 5D59211E-2213-46A7-8A35-A186E73C1C90.jpeg
Attached picture 9F5485FD-024B-4710-A76E-8899CD2234AC.jpeg
Posted By: coachallentca

Re: Lake Austin Bass ID? - 05/24/21 01:16 AM

All pics above are Largemouth...
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Lake Austin Bass ID? - 05/24/21 01:18 AM

Large Mouth Bass. Nice ones also. cheers
Posted By: Ben Beam 750

Re: Lake Austin Bass ID? - 05/24/21 01:29 AM

Thanks guys for the help! I had never heard of a largemouth/spotted or Alabama bass hybrids until I read some listed records for these creatures online which created the doubt in our minds on this fish’s ID so I appreciate y’all clearing it up for us👍. While she was out of the water, I did glance at her jawline and thought it was behind the back of the eye when her mouth was closed, putting her straight into the largemouth category but we still wanted to be sure.
Posted By: Donald Harper

Re: Lake Austin Bass ID? - 05/24/21 02:26 AM

Excellent Catch!
Posted By: Chris B

Re: Lake Austin Bass ID? - 05/24/21 11:52 AM

Just a fat Largemouth. Nice fish.
Posted By: T Bird

Re: Lake Austin Bass ID? - 05/24/21 12:06 PM

coolphotos thumb
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