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Shad Spawn

Posted By: texassurveyor

Shad Spawn - 05/02/21 12:42 AM

Is the shad spawn over at Fork?
Posted By: wjg

Re: Shad Spawn - 05/02/21 12:51 AM

I’m sure there a Shad spawn going pretty all over Texas. But weather, moon, changing water levels will affect it from day to day. Just have to get up early run around till you see birds and speed up till you find what you’re looking for, If you miss it you miss it just pick other techniques that fit your style the rest of the day and it will be productive
Posted By: Rog

Re: Shad Spawn - 05/02/21 05:19 AM

No but everyone is fishing the shad spawn right now and running from point to point with giant swim baits and a-rigs. At least that’s what I saw today. Was out before sun up and every point I could see had a boat on it already Found a bank stacked with shad on a secondary point adjacent to well know main lake shad spawn point, but no bass were in them. Watched at least 10 boats come and go on the main point in about an hour. Started bouncing around and found point after point stacked with shad but no fish today. So you may have to run and gun til you find them along with everyone else. All the known stuff and and stuff that’s been on tv you have to either get there early and camp or take a number.........
Posted By: bradnitro175

Re: Shad Spawn - 05/02/21 06:02 AM

That sounds like every metromess lake right now.they musta did it on a weekday cuz I haven't seen it
Posted By: Jarrett Latta

Re: Shad Spawn - 05/02/21 02:09 PM

Still going even here in central texas and east texas. You really need stable weather and clear mornings in my opinion for it to be right. In bad weather I've never seen the shad spawn really take off
Posted By: jiggmann

Re: Shad Spawn - 05/02/21 10:19 PM

Yep everybody is fishing the elite pattern right now plenty of bed fish to catch now
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