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Baccarac report

Posted By: ibfishin2

Baccarac report - 04/25/21 12:46 AM

Just returned from 4 days fishing at Baccarac with Pro Bass Adventures/Doug King. Great operation, rooms, food, guides! Lake EXTREMELY LOW! Only 20% capacity (like all Mexico lakes currently). They did not get any of there summer rains. Water very off color, very muddy bottom, lots of trees. Fishing awesome. Fish very concentrated in trees and the very few rocky points you can find. Fish hard to find, but when you find them they are in thick schools. Partner and I averaged 50 + fish per day. Fished averaged 4 to 5 lbs. Big fish was 9 lbs 3 oz. We caught 5 in the 8 lb. range. Approx. 10 over 7 lbs. Probably 20 over 6 lbs. Very specific baits. Used a Jackell Knocker bait slow retrieve thru tops of trees. This bait has a different nose than a rattle trap and it will deflect thru the tops of the trees if you don't jerk it (then it will hang up). Cant do that with a standard rattle trap! Also light underpins (3/8) with 3.8 Keitechs slow rolled thru trees. When the fish hit they will jerk the rod out of your hand. Other pattern was standard 3/4 oz red eye rattle trap (chrome/blue) over long points. Biggest fish were on 25' deep diving cranks in Blue/chartreuse color.

Lake continues to drop 2' a day. Could be a problem on fish kill if they don't get some rain by June/July!
Posted By: cali kid

Re: Baccarac report - 04/25/21 04:30 AM

Great report, glad you had a good trip. I sent you a pm.
Posted By: Donald Harper

Re: Baccarac report - 04/25/21 01:05 PM

Excellent report. Sorry to hear the lake is getting so low.
Posted By: banker-always fishing

Re: Baccarac report - 04/25/21 07:01 PM

Nice post. thumb
Posted By: toddfish

Re: Baccarac report - 04/25/21 11:08 PM

Posted By: forkduc

Re: Baccarac report - 04/26/21 01:22 AM

Booked for November 😀
Hope they get the summer rains
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