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Graphs on a boat question

Posted By: dk2429

Graphs on a boat question - 04/23/21 05:04 PM

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I’m in the search currently for a bow graph for my boat. I run a Majek Xtreme bay boat. I have a non-chirp Garmin echoMap 74sv on my console with the lakevu map card for when I go to the lakes, but most of the time I’m on the saltwater, so I’m just trying to find a used same-era 73dv to put on the front when i head bass fishing

How often do you folks really utilize being able to share waypoints and other information between you front and console graphs? The reason I ask is because I’m honestly having a hell of a time trying to find the Garmin graph that I’m looking for. However, I’m seeing HDS7 Gen 2s and even the Elite/Hook 7 from Lowrance pretty readily available in my the range I’m willing to spend.

So I’m kind of debating getting a Lowrance unit for my bow if sharing info between the two isn’t something that is absolutely vital. Just wanna know what y’all think about it

(I literally want an inexpensive used 7” graph for the front with just mapping, traditional, and down scan. I have no need or desire to buy a brand new unit with live scope that is gonna be used maybe 3-4 times a year and sit in the closest the rest of the time)

Posted By: Donald Harper

Re: Graphs on a boat question - 04/23/21 05:44 PM

If you are a structure fisherman; then it is valuable to share the WayPoints, so you can stay on ledges, brush Piles, underwater protrusions and gouges. You will want to WayPoint all of those irregular features and be able to get on the exact Hop Spot when you are on the bow.

If you are a bank beater; then it is not that important to have such a feature. You are basically using the sonar to stay off the top of the shallow water fish and along the edges of available cover.
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