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Leon ramps

Posted By: lunkerloser

Leon ramps - 04/20/21 01:40 AM

Is the ramp at the dam at Lake Leon open and usable?

Thanks in advance
Posted By: 361V

Re: Leon ramps - 04/20/21 03:46 AM

Drove over the bridge on 2214 @ “Chop-A-Block” ramp a few days ago and parking lot had quite a few trailers parked in it. Lake looked plenty full and boats were being unloaded there.
Posted By: Rhodes 520

Re: Leon ramps - 04/20/21 12:39 PM

Last I saw the dam ramp was open, but you can not drive across the dam to get to it. This was probably a month ago.
Posted By: lunkerloser

Re: Leon ramps - 04/26/21 02:59 PM

FYI Follow up on this. The ramp and the park at the dam are closed. I am not sure why. The dam repair also looks to be finished but the road is still closed. Chock O Block is open but the ramp is crappy but usable. I expect more for my $5 fee.
Posted By: Rutster

Re: Leon ramps - 04/26/21 04:10 PM

was there yesterday and road to ramp was still closed.
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