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Choke Canyon Leeches

Posted By: BassLakeFork

Choke Canyon Leeches - 03/20/21 10:20 AM

Fished Choke today and almost every bass had a mouth full of leeches. Are these harmful?
Posted By: BillS2006

Re: Choke Canyon Leeches - 03/20/21 12:02 PM

No, just ignore them as you fillet the fish.
Posted By: grout-scout

Re: Choke Canyon Leeches - 03/20/21 01:52 PM

Yep, definitely don’t want to get them into your bag of filets. But if you do happen to catch any non-keepers, pull the leeches out of their mouths with your pliers. Don’t want the next guy that catches them, to have to worry about them.
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