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My Trolling Motor Experiences

Posted By: Jman

My Trolling Motor Experiences - 03/15/21 02:52 PM

There is a lot of back and forth on the new trolling motors so I thought I'd share my personal opinion. I've now had a chance to try all three of the latest offerings except for Motorguide.

I can hands down say that the Lowrance product is a better product for me.

The Ultrex I thought was always pretty good. The Lowrance was exceptional the first time I tried it. So I was really looking forward to the Garmin setting an even higher bar. But man the Garmin Force left a lot to be desired - the foot pedal was really disappointing and the overall build of it I thought was not on par with the others. It was quiet, I'll give it that.

I'm a once a month weekend warrior and this is my unbiased opinion so take it for what it is worth. I realize a lot depends on what graph system you prefer and how compatible one is with the other.

But for my money, Lowrance has them beat. But right now I'm enjoying my boat partners money and I'll just have to live with his Garmin Force.
Posted By: tx_basser

Re: My Trolling Motor Experiences - 03/15/21 03:51 PM

I think it will be interesting to see some long term reviews and how well they old up over 2,3,4,5+ years.
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