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Posted By: Skeeterboy86

Gilmer - 02/23/21 01:31 AM

Finaly made it to lake gilmer today fished about 3 hours and only caught 1 that was 13 inches i noticed they have to be 18 inches here so that must mean there are some nice ones fished under the bridge on the dam side with a lipless is there a secret to this lake or am i just doing somthin wrong gona try it again tomorrow hopefully have better luck
Posted By: mudd

Re: Gilmer - 02/23/21 01:35 AM

Snow storm. Massive water temp drop

That’s the problem
Posted By: Skeeterboy86

Re: Gilmer - 02/23/21 01:43 AM

Yea i was only showing 45 degrees today one part of the lake still had a little ice on it
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