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Sardis Lake Ok

Posted By: srobby24

Sardis Lake Ok - 02/02/21 11:54 PM

Anyone got information about Sardis Lake?

I heard it has timber and some places not safe to run. Heard the fishing is great

Got any advice would be appreciated
Posted By: CCTX

Re: Sardis Lake Ok - 02/03/21 01:38 AM

Beautiful area and pristine lake.
COE lake, so no homes or docks on the lake
Gets heavily stained after a rain and stays that way for a couple of weeks.
I went last year in July about 10 days after a decent amount of rain and it was about 1ft visibility.
All bait fish and bites were in 8ft and less relating to shallow timber and even shallower vegetation
Posted By: WhiskeyTango223

Re: Sardis Lake Ok - 02/03/21 04:34 PM

There is some timber but it's mostly visible, the offshore rocks are what you have to be careful for, up around the cemetery there are some sketchy areas that don't always show up on mapping. Great lake certain times of year but watch out for methhead hillbillies that will steal your [censored].
Posted By: fisherinok

Re: Sardis Lake Ok - 02/03/21 06:52 PM

I fished the lake a fair bit about 15 years ago when I lived there. If it rains it becomes a mudhole very quickly. Running is not too bad but I would shutdown about 50-75 yards from any timber you see. Here are my favorite spots:
1. Just to the South of the ramp (like a two minute run) on the east side is an island inside of a cove. Fish the inside of the island when they should be shallow - spring, morning, etc. and the main lake side when the sun is up. Dragging a CR for 10 minutes will tell you if they are on the lake side.
2. Just to the East of the Church is an island that looks like a dinosoar head on a map. Fish the mouth of this and the East side between the islands. I have caught some good fish throwing between the islands into 4 ft of water and dragging a CR out to 15'.
3. On the South Side of the Lake there is a three headed point with an island on the East (thin and running East-to-West) and on the West Side (more round). The pinch point of the thin island on it's West side and the East of the land point forms a good drop off. Fishing the more round island also is good. Idle to get back to this area.

Trips were easy - bring some shallow cranks, frogs, swim jigs, 10" worms and whatever you like to CR. Like Fork alot of the lake is fishy due to the timber.

Sardis puts out some big tournament weights in the Spring when the fish go shallow and everyone can catch them but they scatter as the water warms. The timber fields are relatively shallow so putting the TM down and throwing shallow cranks, flukes, swim jigs works well. Good luck.
Posted By: bassmasterok01

Re: Sardis Lake Ok - 02/03/21 09:04 PM

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