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Posted By: Skeeter John

Travis-12/20 - 12/22/20 08:11 PM

Fished Travis on Sunday with Chris D. We were not angry enough at the fish to go out in the rain so cost us a few hours, but we need the rain so I'll take it. Fishing was SLOW. We fished the Pedernales, Colorado and mid-lake and only managed a little dink at the mouth of a cove in mid-lake area. Also caught 2 chunky whites on a crank bait. Tried, jigs, cranks, c rigs, ned and the kitchen sink. From shoreline to 30 FOW. Guess I'll head back to Bastrop or Fayette to get my confidence back.
Posted By: Jarrett Latta

Re: Travis-12/20 - 12/22/20 08:46 PM

It rained all morning on Saturday. Smoked them at decker. But I agree, Bastrop always puts out as does Fayette
Posted By: JAlfred

Re: Travis-12/20 - 12/22/20 10:57 PM

Slow today (Tuesday 22nd) for me too. Fished 3 hours from mile marker 30 up to mouth of the Pedernales. Mainly Senko on bluffs and in the coves; some crankbait. Got 2 bites, boated 1. Better than a dink, but not much. Skinny 14 incher.
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