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Garmin Question

Posted By: Loomis ex

Garmin Question - 12/05/20 02:27 AM

I have a GCV 20 and GT34 uhd-tm transducer. The images just don't seem as clear and accurate as they should. Would the new GT 56 UHD transducer be a better option? Will it work with the GCV 20? I have a 7612xsv head unit.
Has anyone upgraded these transducers and got better results?
Posted By: LostHubbardFisherman

Re: Garmin Question - 12/05/20 03:28 AM

Unfortunately the new transducer won’t work with the 7612. I have a 7610 and wish it did as well. They didn’t update 7612/7610 to get the latest 21 update which would have been able to utilize the new transducer. It works with the 86xx and new Echomap units.
Posted By: coachallentca

Re: Garmin Question - 12/06/20 01:58 AM

go to the BBC and fond the garmin section. They can answer your question.
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