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Fork Fishing in December?

Posted By: backatit

Fork Fishing in December? - 11/22/20 03:12 PM

Considering taking a guided trip in December. Is December a historically a good of bad time to fish??
Posted By: bassnman

Re: Fork Fishing in December? - 11/22/20 03:17 PM

Historically it had hydrilla and was very good. Today, not so much. Some big fish are caught though. I go for a few good bites and a chance for a monster.
Posted By: Bruce Allen

Re: Fork Fishing in December? - 11/22/20 06:27 PM

It depends on what you are looking to catch. Since it is the only lake I fish I get quite a few really good hookups every year. Landing those giants is another story.

Go with a guide and your percentage catching a giant will go up for sure. And yes December is a good month; Weather wise as good as any.
Posted By: Douglas J

Re: Fork Fishing in December? - 11/22/20 06:37 PM

10+ years ago 50+ fish days were not hard in Dec, now with little grass not really the case. You can still catch a bug one, but it can be tough with the grass gone
Posted By: Gruber

Re: Fork Fishing in December? - 11/22/20 06:53 PM

It can actually be much easier if you think about it, the grass caused the fish to scatter, but the absence of grass forces the fish live in concentrated schools on deep water structure, migration routes from the Chanel to the shallows. Start in the main Chanel follow structure that leads to the shallows, road beds, secondary creeks, etc. they may also suspend over the creeks feeding on large schools of bait. Also can be found on riprap at the dam or 515 hwy, but are far more predictable, studying a topo map or your electronic gadgets will help, but the hope and blind luck represented by the second post will result in unsuccessful inconsistency! Someone has to win the lotto but don’t count on it.
Hunting is the greater part of fishing.
Deep water is the home of the bass.
90 percent of the fish are in 10 percent of the lake.
Hope this helps, I know it’s better than saying “good luck”
Posted By: Cameron

Re: Fork Fishing in December? - 11/22/20 06:53 PM

December/January is my favorite time to fish Fork. Vertical spoon fishing is amazing if you can find the right guide that knows where to take you. Most of the locals and guides will be on Welsh catching dinks or hunting so you have the entire lake to yourself.
Posted By: Mark Perry

Re: Fork Fishing in December? - 11/22/20 06:55 PM

December on Fork is usually a blast. Squarebill and jig bite up shallow all day long.
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