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O. H. Ivie

Posted By: tamudrew

O. H. Ivie - 11/02/20 03:57 PM

Any reports for Ivie of late? I'll be headed up there later this week and want to try the lake out. Haven't fished it before, so any info is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Posted By: tmd11111

Re: O. H. Ivie - 11/02/20 04:09 PM

Haven’t been there in a few weeks but if it’s anything like Buttes it’s tough right now.
Posted By: badun

Re: O. H. Ivie - 11/06/20 03:32 PM

Was there 2 weeks ago and found a good concentration up river toward leaday where river channel hugs east bank. Multiply underwater points.They appear to come upon early and late and pull off into river channel. if you are patient with c-rig deep drop off you can still catch during day. If you have google earth look at 2/2017 and you can see points
Posted By: sprigsss

Re: O. H. Ivie - 11/06/20 09:09 PM

Fished a few weeks ago. Partner and i caught close to 100 fish in 2 days.

Caught my first 10 lber and a 4.5 2 casts later. Were the only 2 fish over 2.5 lbs we caught.

We were catching tiny dinks up shallow then went to about 20 feet and wore out the 1.5 to 2.5 lb fish. Partner lost one fish on Sunday that would have went close to 5.

When it was cloudy i caught fish on 5xds and 6xds through the tree tops. Caught the 10 and 4.5 on a 5xd. Sunday the sun came out and everythkng seemed to be buried in the trees. My partner used worms and jigs. I used a fluke and keitech on a shakey head and a dropshot to catch mine. I felt like the shad mimics worked better than the other lures.
Posted By: tamudrew

Re: O. H. Ivie - 11/09/20 01:51 PM

Fished Thursday 11/5 afternoon and Friday 11/6 morning. Most fish caught on steep banks with trees. Caught fish on spinnerbait, worm, crankbait, whopper plopper. Nothing big, maybe 2.5 lbs biggest. about 15 fish total.

Not a stellar trip, but for my first time on the lake I'll take it.

Thanks for the input guys.
Posted By: Gruber

Re: O. H. Ivie - 11/11/20 07:27 PM

Is Brady still a good lake?
Posted By: J.H.S.

Re: O. H. Ivie - 11/11/20 08:15 PM

Originally Posted by Gruber
Is Brady still a good lake?

Can be when you catch it right. This time of year is always a toss up anywhere.
Posted By: LuvWater

Re: O. H. Ivie - 11/16/20 08:33 PM

Took over 27# to win this weekend.
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