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Shout out to Ranger1

Posted By: ChokeAFrog

Shout out to Ranger1 - 10/12/20 02:40 AM


It was great to run into another TFF member on the water! I know more often than not we are so focused on our fishing that we do not take the few minutes to exchange pleasantries with people that share our same passion and interests. If we were in a tourney our discussion would have been improbable. To jog your memory, we were on Lake W this past Saturday. Our bite slowed way down after we saw you but I suppose enough fish at been boated gor the day! I hope we see each other again out there. We now know each other’s boats! Hard to believe we were the same hometown and went to same middle school. Tell Wally M that I say hello. God Bless!
Posted By: ChokeAFrog

Re: Shout out to Ranger1 - 10/12/20 02:54 AM

Sorry for the few typos!
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