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Posted By: Wavemaker

Scheels - 05/20/20 05:46 PM

Went to check out the new store inn the Colony awesome place and solid fishing section. Who else has been? Best part no crazy line to get in like there was last Saturday.
Posted By: Ranger1

Re: Scheels - 05/20/20 06:45 PM

It's one thing to have a lot of fishing stuff, It's another thing to have the right stuff
Posted By: 04champ

Re: Scheels - 05/20/20 06:53 PM

shouldn't this be here?

oh, it is
Posted By: YakfishinTx81

Re: Scheels - 05/20/20 06:53 PM

I ordered a fish finder mount, some tackle, and fishing shirts from there on Sunday 5/17, free shipping, & package was delivered today 5/20. Nice selection of tackle and good prices, $10.99 thunder cricket bladed jigs, best price i've seen not on sale. Plan on going to check out the Colony store next time i'm headed out that way.
Posted By: Lee Finlay

Re: Scheels - 05/20/20 07:47 PM

I went yesterday. I wasn't impressed. It felt more like a Macys than a sporting goods store. The fishing section was big but really didn't have much selection. I counted four rod brands.... The store brand, St Croix, Shimano, and TFO. Of those, they didn't have a full selection of powers and actions.

They did have a lot of different brands of baits, but again, not much variety of baits in those brands.
Posted By: Finesse Master/ Dropshot king

Re: Scheels - 05/20/20 08:32 PM

Originally Posted by Ranger1
It's one thing to have a lot of fishing stuff, It's another thing to have the right stuff

Posted By: Sinkey

Re: Scheels - 05/20/20 08:44 PM

Have to agree with comments above.

Great hunting section and selection!!!!! The fishing....not so much. They are doing what Dicks does, and thats put 2 or 3 bags per peg to make it look like you have a ton of baits on the wall. But selection and colors sucked. Even for Zoom.

Now I did like their fishing clothing selection. Pretty good there.
Posted By: Wavemaker

Re: Scheels - 05/20/20 08:46 PM

Totally agree with you.
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