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Caddo 17 May 20

Posted By: bassmanrudy

Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/17/20 10:41 PM

Whew it was Windy!! Beginning of the day rained a good bit and was windy. End of the day was sunny and nice but 15+mph from the NW!! I stayed up in jeems most of the day hiding from the wind and just fishing whatever I came across. Water Temps were 71-75° and while a little stained looked good. Caught one(slot) on a chatterbait pretty quick and lost another one that kinda looked like a grinnel(or gar but the tail wasn't a bass tail). Then went quite a while and changed areas fishing scattered salvania and missed 2. Might be gar but dang I want to catch 1 to know! Saw some isolated trees and skipped a wacky worm to one and Bam a good solid 19" over!! 2 trips in a row now with an Over which is totally shocking for me!! 😁 Kept fishing down the shoreline and missed a fish under a dock on the wacky that I just couldn't turn. Had me leveraged against a pole and kept ripping drag(side note I use a 6'3" medium action spinning rod with braid for wacky) so maybe I just didn't have enough power. Did land that over on same rod earlier though but more open water. Kept hitting whatever I could find switching between chattetbait, spinnerbait, cranks, frog, swim jigs, etc. Was talking to some people working on their boat and caught a 17.999999999" nice SLOT fish on the wacky rig and I think they were more excited than I was! She even took a picture to show her grandkids. After that fish besides one blow up in the salvania on the frog never had another bite. The run back across the lake was ROUGH but I should have put my bibs back on and wouldn't have gotten wet lol!

2 slots, 1 over, missed a couple. All in all a Great day for me on Caddo compared to usual! Broke in my New fishing flip flops which so happen to have a Bass on them too!! Way to go Columbia!!

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Posted By: Frank the Tank

Re: Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/17/20 10:50 PM

Nicely done Rudy !!! thumb
Posted By: mudd

Re: Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/17/20 11:43 PM

Nice pics. They chomped Monday but been slow since.
Posted By: fivebites

Re: Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/18/20 09:32 AM

Nice job Rudy. I forgot how cool Caddo is. Been a long time since I made that trip!!
Posted By: GLBoutdoors

Re: Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/18/20 11:49 AM

Always good to hear what's goin' on at Caddo. Thanks Rudy.
Posted By: Ole Yeller

Re: Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/21/20 04:41 PM

what kinda worm you got their? is that a trick worm rigged wacky?
Posted By: bassmanrudy

Re: Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/21/20 05:00 PM

Yes Sir! This one happened to be rigged wacky style with a Zoom trick worm in the laminate Z3 Magic color. I like how it has the different colors all in the same bait.
Posted By: Ole Yeller

Re: Caddo 17 May 20 - 05/26/20 11:00 AM

yea that a awesome color.
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