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Gibbons Creek


Gibbons Creek - 04/28/20 01:19 PM

Anybody know if it is open?
Posted By: BMCD

Re: Gibbons Creek - 04/28/20 01:50 PM

Last few time I have been by the lake I have seen zero boats on it. Not sure if its accessible or not tho.
Posted By: Bug-e

Re: Gibbons Creek - 05/02/20 01:49 PM

It's open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was closed briefly during the Governor's stay at home order, but it opened back up last Friday. The parking lot was overflowing with trucks and trailers last weekend and fishing has been pretty good.
Posted By: Bug-e

Re: Gibbons Creek - 05/02/20 01:49 PM

p.s. Their facebook page is the best way to get info.

Re: Gibbons Creek - 05/04/20 05:45 PM

Yes. Was open. Was PACKED. Was WINDY. Fishing was fishing!
Posted By: McLovin’

Re: Gibbons Creek - 05/05/20 02:31 AM

Used to be as good as any lake in Texas...spent many days on it while in College Station
Still has one on the Top 50 list
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