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Granbury Below dam

Posted By: chas1

Granbury Below dam - 04/22/20 08:22 PM

Hey guys, I’m looking at a house in pecan plantation, Is there any fish in the river around Pecan plantation. Or anything you know about the river in that area and pecan plantation also,.
Also does the river hold water most of the year

Thank you for your help
Posted By: Allison1

Re: Granbury Below dam - 04/22/20 08:31 PM

I will be waiting to hear what is said.
I am sure it has changed dramatically since I went down there but in the early to mid 90's it was good when the water was running up until a couple days after. It was about a 1/2 mile walk from the public ramp at the dam to get there.
When the water was running it was good for stripers, sandies and some catfish. They would be there daily when the water was running and in late Jan through March it was killer.
I remember days throwing a casting cork with a couple jigs below it in the rushing water when they were biting so good you had a hard time not getting two sandies on every cast.

My largest striper down there was 19lb 2oz on 8 pound line fishing from an tube. I don't recommend tubes because they are dangerous. I have heard of several deaths with people being sucked into the whirlpools right where the water comes through the dam. In each case the person got scared and left their tube.
Posted By: bbassfishes

Re: Granbury Below dam - 04/22/20 08:44 PM

Plenty of fish to be had year round on the river. You can't get as close to the dam anymore that I'm aware of, but there are lots of spots to kayak or walk to in there as well. 3 beaches and a "ramp" by the front gate bridge.
Posted By: David Welcher

Re: Granbury Below dam - 04/23/20 01:55 AM

I had a guide trip booked last year there with Shane Davies with River Run Outfitters on 3-31-19, he specializes in fishing the Brazos and another river down southwest, it had flooded the weeks before our trip and we ended up moving the trip to below Whitney. We wanted to do the kayak thing below Granbury as he was on huge fish. So yes it can be awesome, I'd suggest booking a trip with him. We did catch some good up to fish up to 5lbs below Whitney and he was kind of apologetic because he was really on bigger fish up to 8lbs below Granbury.
Posted By: chas1

Re: Granbury Below dam - 04/26/20 01:34 AM

Thanks for the help guys
Posted By: D Kissinger

Re: Granbury Below dam - 04/26/20 04:09 AM

Grew up in Pecan and lived across from the river. I remember fishing almost everyday. A two man boat was fun to use. We put it in at the bridge by the front gate and went up stream. Caught some good fish. There is good fishing all along there.
Posted By: 361V

Re: Granbury Below dam - 04/27/20 02:05 PM

This last year I sold my house directly on the Brazos outside Glen Rose and built a big barndominium overlooking Wheeler Branch Reservoir in Glen Rose. For a long, long time many years of very low water has made the fishing worse but the good news is the last several years have brought record releases(floods) from Granbury dam has ”restocked” the river. A friend of mine camped with his family on a family members property on the Brazos about 1/2 way between Granbury dam and Glen Rose just last week. They were amazed at the large numbers of small stripers they caught in the river. Good news. During low water releases look for the deeper holes. The sandbass and stripers are still there.
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