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Transducer location help

Posted By: JC Skeeter

Transducer location help - 04/21/20 01:09 PM

In doing some research and watching videos, I am not so sure that my current transducer location may be in the right, or most beneficial, spot. Can I get some thoughts/opinions on its current location and whether or not if moved (an to where) would I get better images or a better return and be able to still get water depth on sonar while on pad? It is a 2020 Skeeter FXR in case knowing the hull helps or matters.

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Posted By: tmd11111

Re: Transducer location help - 04/21/20 01:11 PM

Leave it where its at and add a through hull. Those side imaging transducers don't play well over 50mph. When I say don't play well I mean like they get ripped off the transom.
Posted By: SteezMacQueen

Re: Transducer location help - 04/21/20 01:20 PM

Your FXR should have a through hull. hmmm

My skeeter came with a 2 in 1 along with a thru hull and a temp probe.

On topic, my skeeter has a new 3 in 1 Active Imaging transducer and it’s in exactly the same spot as yours. Works perfectly and it is pretty protected there. [Linked Image]
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