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Lower Colorado River Bass

Posted By: JoeyV23

Lower Colorado River Bass - 04/20/20 09:39 PM

Good Afternoon,
I have been convinced to take a couple people fishing down on the Lower Colorado (I am the boat owner). Weather is looking solid and I am excited for a fun little trip. We will be down by webberville. Just reaching out to the forum experts for any helpful tips/suggestions. 'What works well down there,' What to avoid, etc ---- any information would be very helpful as I have never been on that part of the river.

Thank you in advance.

Posted By: Jarrett Latta

Re: Lower Colorado River Bass - 04/21/20 01:10 AM

You have a jet outboard? That's some skinny water in places
Posted By: 361V

Re: Lower Colorado River Bass - 04/21/20 01:19 AM

Kayaked the Colorado in that area. Many lures work. Worms, small crankbaits, small top waters, frogs, buzzbaits....but the best river lure I have ever found from fishing rivers all over Texas, Ok and Arkansas? 4” Curley tailed grub on a 3/16-1/4 oz jig head will catch more fish than any lure. Any color......as long as it’s chartreuse!
Posted By: JoeyV23

Re: Lower Colorado River Bass - 04/21/20 02:33 AM

I have an outboard. If theres any spots to really avoid - I will take that knowledge to heart.
Posted By: doctorb

Re: Lower Colorado River Bass - 04/21/20 03:36 AM

You are going to have a hard time with an outboard. You really need a jet or put in a kayak and float down. I put in at Little Weberville in my jet boat and run up to 130 usually. 1/2 ounce jigs work really well with 30 pound braid. Lots of laydowns and a lot of current. Fishing can be outstanding because it is not easy to access. And it is a heck of a lot of fun.
Posted By: Jarrett Latta

Re: Lower Colorado River Bass - 04/21/20 02:09 PM

I think you can run an outboard down around Bastrop?
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