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Eagle Mountain

Posted By: Donny Parker

Eagle Mountain - 04/20/20 02:50 AM

Spent all day (Sunday) on the lake, only caught a white bass.

Just curious if other people are struggling out there or do I just suck? LOL.
I am new to the lake and having issues finding fish there.

Note: Not looking for spots, just wondering if others have found them.
Posted By: qpm05a

Re: Eagle Mountain - 04/20/20 10:29 AM

I was there sunday as well. Caught 8 or so. Mostly small fish but one good one. Caught smaller fish in the backs of pockets on a wacky worm. Think they were fry guarders???? Better fish were more main lake in 12-15 ft carolina rigging.

Lake has some good fish in it. Took me a while to get on them when i first started going there. Good ways to get bites and build your confidence i think are cranking the rocky banks closer to the dams and wacky worm and drop shots on the docks.

I fish it somewhat regularly. White basscat with blue stripe

Good luck!
Posted By: carlots

Re: Eagle Mountain - 04/20/20 10:12 PM

4-20-20 fished 7 am to 12. caught 7 blacks. five were keepers largest was 6/1 plus 5 or 6 sand bass. all fish were pre spawn caught on main lake points with several different baits. all but 1 was caught by 9:45. could not draw a bite back up in the coves. fog was very scary early still can't believe I actually launched.
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