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Posted By: Chug-bug-bang1

Welsh - 04/20/20 02:07 AM

Water temps?

Plant back running again?

Haven’t been in months
Posted By: jfdawson

Re: Welsh - 04/20/20 02:35 AM

I was there Saturday. Water temps were 64-67. Plant was not running. Hydrilla is growing everywhere from 1-12'. North is completely choked out with Hydrila. You can still fish it but it's crazy thick.

Posted By: forkduc

Re: Welsh - 04/20/20 01:43 PM

Pipe from Pines running again?
Posted By: danceswithbass

Re: Welsh - 04/20/20 02:22 PM

Heard from a friend they were chomping pretty good a couple of weeks ago
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