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Texoma fishing report

Posted By: cwoodfishing

Texoma fishing report - 04/18/20 01:18 AM

Anyone been to Texoma lately? Thinking about taking a last-minute trip in the morning was wondering how productive the small mouth or large mouth fishing has been?
Posted By: SmalljawNH

Re: Texoma fishing report - 04/18/20 02:46 AM

I fished there last Friday so my info is a week old, but here it is.

On Wednesday, April 8th (the warm day) water temps started around 65 degrees south around Grandpappy Point, visibility was about 1foot. I went north to Oklahoma into some backwater and found 72 degrees, visibility was a little less than down south but I found a ton of shad and started catching them. I caught two solid largies between 3 and 3 1/2lbs and a couple rats.

Moved south towards the dam around 4pm and wish I made the move sooner. Water temp was 68-69 toward the evening hours but the water was clearer and I caught four more largies that went between 3 1/2lbs and 4lbs as well as some rats. Actually threw a jerkbait and caught some runt smallies but had one corker smallie follow it. Most fish were in less than 3 fow, a couple I saw on beds and others I suspect were on beds.

Since it was so good Wednesday, I went back Friday, April 10th for the afternoon bite. Water temp dropped to 64, the lake level dropped a lot, and the water clarity down south was terrible. I knew they were pulling water but it dropped so much, one of the beds was half dry. The buck was still around and his back was almost out of water guarding it. Water data websites show they were dropping the lake by ~3 inches per day.

I ran a lot of the same places with one runt smallmouth early. I decided to run some new water around Grandpappy Point and I caught one 4lb largie in 3 foot of water. That was the only quality fish and I was just happy to catch her. Her tail was red, she was full of eggs and I let her got back right away.
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