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Looking for onsite guide repair near Plano

Posted By: soje

Looking for onsite guide repair near Plano - 04/16/20 02:21 PM

Is there anyone in Collin County that can put new guides on a few rods for me? I know I can have them shipped off for repair, but there are so many people buildin6 rods, I figured there might be someone that can do it on site.

I've also read that it's pretty easy to fix them. If I can't find someone close, I may try to do it myself. It would be a good skill to hone, as I'll need to fix guides now and then.
Posted By: haleywp

Re: Looking for onsite guide repair near Plano - 04/16/20 03:04 PM

Soje, there are many you tube post on repairing rods and building rods. I have built only 14 rods for myself and family in the last year. You can build the supports for the repair out of 1 inch by 4 inch pine boards. Some builders use the Y thread holder (like fly tying) to build and repair rods. If the repair does not turn out like you want it just cut it off and start over. It is a lot of fun to build a rod then go out and catch a fish on it. There are many companies that offer rod building equipment and supplies. Mud Hole is one and The Rod Room is another. Flex Coat is another and is located here in Texas. Believe me if I can do it anyone can do it.

Pat Haley
Posted By: soje

Re: Looking for onsite guide repair near Plano - 04/17/20 02:30 PM

I've been reading that it's not that difficult to learn. I love St. Croix Legend Elite and Extreme rods, but can't afford to build an arsenal of them. I should look into it. Thank you. I have been talking myself out of trying to do my own rods for years. I think I'm gonna start with fixing the guides on a few of my rods.
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