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Lake Waxahachie

Posted By: flatwater1

Lake Waxahachie - 04/14/20 11:21 PM

Are the boat ramps open on lake Waxahachie? If anyone knows, thanks in advance.
Posted By: texasfisherman1

Re: Lake Waxahachie - 04/15/20 01:45 AM

Spring Park ramp is, don't know about the others
Posted By: SteezMacQueen

Re: Lake Waxahachie - 04/15/20 02:54 AM

They are all open.
Posted By: coachallentca

Re: Lake Waxahachie - 04/15/20 03:33 AM

they were doing road work around one ramp last week but you could still use it.The road was on the main road leading to the ramp
Posted By: RM4983

Re: Lake Waxahachie - 04/15/20 01:22 PM

I was there yesterday and the ramps were open.
I walked the damn throwing the whole tackle box and didn't get a single bite.
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