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Jacob Wheeler Youtube

Posted By: Poodle

Jacob Wheeler Youtube - 04/12/20 01:21 AM

Just finished watching Jacob and Ott go head to head on Jacob's channel. They put together their on little MLF style turny. Wasn't bad hope they do it again.
Posted By: Bill Durham

Re: Jacob Wheeler Youtube - 04/12/20 02:48 PM

I enjoy his channel. Mixes in a bit of humor with really good information.
Posted By: Slade

Re: Jacob Wheeler Youtube - 04/13/20 02:30 AM

he seems like a good kid
Posted By: KsChampion198

Re: Jacob Wheeler Youtube - 04/13/20 03:08 AM

He's a hammer!
Posted By: Dale Gribble

Re: Jacob Wheeler Youtube - 04/13/20 03:26 PM

Was there a polygraph??? bolt
Posted By: McLovin’

Re: Jacob Wheeler Youtube - 04/13/20 03:56 PM

I took my son to the Classic on Conroe few years ago and we ran into Jacob and his wife in a store there on 105 on the way. He was so nice to my son and when we got to the expo he remembered his name and called for him to come over and he shared some baits with my son and he introduced him to several of the other guys pros that weren't fishing...very good guy that we always pull for now and he has proven since that is one of the best in the game
Posted By: BigDozer66

Re: Jacob Wheeler Youtube - 04/14/20 03:53 AM

I enjoy watching his channel. cheers
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