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Caddo 11 Apr 20

Posted By: bassmanrudy

Caddo 11 Apr 20 - 04/11/20 11:34 PM

Slept in and then fished til the first bunch of lightning started. Beautiful day and while the fishing wasn't so good for the "catching part" it was still great to be out there. Saw an eagle catch a fish! Had a HUGE grinnel come waking out from super shallow water to eat my MT slug-spinner combo but then I missed... ahhhh!! Took a pic of a sunlit cypress tree and thought I'd share. Had a few bites on the wacky and saw one of them which seemed to be an under. Bite was kinda weird. Also had one hit on a swimjig in the salvania but it didn't stay on. Water temps were 65-71°.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: mudd

Re: Caddo 11 Apr 20 - 04/12/20 12:21 AM

U happen to see a Orange and Black boat today?
Posted By: senko9S

Re: Caddo 11 Apr 20 - 04/12/20 12:25 AM

great pic
Posted By: texasAUtiger

Re: Caddo 11 Apr 20 - 04/12/20 12:59 AM

Cool pic! Wow!
Posted By: LDP

Re: Caddo 11 Apr 20 - 04/15/20 03:14 PM

Great picture
Posted By: Donald Harper

Re: Caddo 11 Apr 20 - 04/15/20 03:30 PM

Very special day and as long as you are happy, that is all that matters. Good report and thanks for sharing the picture.
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