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MLF Takeoff

Posted By: SamCobra

MLF Takeoff - 03/14/20 09:57 PM

What time do the pros take off from Oakridge in the morning and do they all leave at the same time.....
Posted By: SC-001

Re: MLF Takeoff - 03/14/20 10:39 PM

All leave at same time and wait on their hole until lines-in time at 10:00am, there is no boat race with MLF
Posted By: basscaster46

Re: MLF Takeoff - 03/15/20 03:55 PM

No boat race didn’t know that. I like it .
Posted By: TajChauvin

Re: MLF Takeoff - 03/15/20 04:12 PM

Originally Posted by basscaster46
No boat race didn’t know that. I like it .

There is still a boat race. It’s just followed by hole sitting and not glorified in the coverage. I witnessed it yesterday as two boats second to the area turned around and went other places.
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