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Sheldon Lake

Posted By: dk2429

Sheldon Lake - 03/06/20 02:22 AM

Buddy and I fished Sheldon today for the first time in about a year and a half. Had the boat back on the trailer within 30 mins. So much grass it was almost unfishable. Trailer was COVERED in grass, had to keep pulling grass off the motor, it just was no bueno. Loaded up and put in at Duessen Park on Lake Houston.. Caught some decent bass up in some coves around the railroad bridge. Houston was actually really really nice today.. Every other time I've went it was a mud hole.

Anyway, just figured I'd report that Sheldon is covered in grass again. Oh well.. I still get a joy out using that sorry excuse for a boat ramp grin I just laugh everytime I see my 22 footer going down that apparatus
Posted By: BrockstaRama

Re: Sheldon Lake - 03/06/20 02:25 AM

Awe that sucks. I was hoping all the cold fronts would have killed some of the grass
Posted By: dk2429

Re: Sheldon Lake - 03/06/20 03:15 AM

I was thinking it wouldn't be bad since it hasn't got that hot yet, but sure enough its full.. could barely run the trolling motor
Posted By: Mike2718

Re: Sheldon Lake - 03/06/20 05:09 AM

My wife and I went this last weekend too. You’re not kidding about the grass. I was hoping the grass had died back some since last fall. I guess this winter was just a little too mild. Give it another month or two and you will need an airboat to get around.
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