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TotalScan transducer

Posted By: Stankygato

TotalScan transducer - 02/24/20 05:35 AM

Just got a new total scan transducer. The picture on my graph is so bad and pixelated. I put the transducer in the exact same spot as the previous one. The only reason I can think of is that I have the excess transducer wire coiled up and ziptied in the side panel next to some other wires. Any advice, assuming the coiled up wore isn’t the problem?

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Posted By: Skunked Again Fishing

Re: TotalScan transducer - 02/24/20 11:43 AM

Looks like you’re not running chirp. Try that, and also try adjusting your ping rate to a higher rate.
Posted By: andy52887

Re: TotalScan transducer - 02/24/20 12:23 PM

With a gen 3 you probably won’t get to much better. The best transducer is the 3 in 1 but of course won’t work with gen 3.
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