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Progress at Cabela’s/BPS?

Posted By: TOMCAT21

Progress at Cabela’s/BPS? - 02/02/20 02:20 AM

Made a trip to the FTW Cabela’s today and was pleasantly surprised. Seems they have lowered the prices on some of their items. Jackhammers are down from $22.99 to $15.99. Same price as TW. Maybe there is hope yet.
Posted By: Douglas J

Re: Progress at Cabela’s/BPS? - 02/02/20 02:34 AM

I went to the Cabelas in Allen on Thur to try and spend a gift card, I received as a birthday present, and I could not find much there I needed or wanted. They don't have a lot that bass fishermen would buy, IMO...
Posted By: JIM SR.

Re: Progress at Cabela’s/BPS? - 02/02/20 02:39 AM

you can use them on line,, clap
Posted By: dobbin

Re: Progress at Cabela’s/BPS? - 02/02/20 04:21 AM

Went to the Waco Academy if you were looking for ammo you went to the wrong place. The fishing section had more outs than they had in stock. There were two men in ties and dress shirts walking giving notes in the rest of the store but just walked by the ammo and fishing and never gave a note. The gun counter was well stocked but if you bought one you would need to go somewhere else to buy the ammo.
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