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Rain help Welsh?

Posted By: Bassin16

Rain help Welsh? - 01/10/20 01:15 PM

Rain amount forecast for Mt Pleasant this weekend is 1.85 inches. Will this amount have any major affect on Welsh's lake level?
Posted By: RedRanger

Re: Rain help Welsh? - 01/10/20 01:22 PM

Highly Doubt it, Ground will soak it all up. We are in drought around North Texas
Posted By: Frank the Tank

Re: Rain help Welsh? - 01/10/20 01:56 PM

Have to at least help a little, what they need is for the pump to be fixed
Posted By: 361V

Re: Rain help Welsh? - 01/10/20 01:56 PM

Swanano Creek is the main feeder for Welsh and it is a dry creek except during rain. Like so many power plant lakes Welsh does not have an adequate watershed and because of high evaporation from the Lakes hot water they require pumping in water from other sources. That’s the issue right now. Pumps are shut down for repairs in pipeline that comes from Lake Of The Pines. Really need several inches of rain minimum to get water flowing in the feeder creeks. Good news is if they get 1.85 inches directly over the lake I predict the Lake will rise 1.85 inches! laugh
Posted By: Weekender

Re: Rain help Welsh? - 01/10/20 03:02 PM

There will still be some runoff and right now anything will help. On the other side of the coin when were the weather for-casters correct last? HA

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