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Martin Creek 5 Jan

Posted By: bassmanrudy

Martin Creek 5 Jan - 01/07/20 01:29 AM

Wellp this was a not very fun trip overall lol! Wind blew wayyy harder than any forecast I saw and my wife didn't like the rough ride over all the white caps!! But hey its fishing and once it warmed up later on was quite nice out. I caught 1 non keeper and lost a Big one late that looked 6+... wife had 2 solid strikes just couldn't manage to stick em. We'll check the setting of the drag better next time. Water temp was 57-62 from the ramp to almost the cut on the warm side. I did find and mark one of the 3 trees that were so nicely shared by the others. One was a 3 headed tree top in 22' and barely 4-6" under. Besides enjoying the day with my wife seeing eagles, coots, and barely any other anglers I managed to install new bunk boards!! :-)

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Posted By: bush hog

Re: Martin Creek 5 Jan - 01/07/20 02:24 AM

Martin Creek is not a wind friendly lake. Sometimes I think it makes it's own wind....lol.
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