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Pros on Athens.

Posted By: SteezMacQueen

Pros on Athens. - 12/28/19 11:50 PM

Jay Brainard, an Elite Pro, and Kazuki Kitajima, an FLW Pro are “snowbirding” on Athens. They are guiding in their off seasons. Had a good, long conversation with both of them at the ramp this afternoon. Kazuki was throwing some of the biggest soft swim baits I’ve ever seen. It was bigger than a few fish I caught today! He and Jay both fished today and both had success fishing opposite type patterns. Proving one thing. I suck. I struggled all day and caught maybe 10-12 fish. No overs. 5 unders for 5.74. Kazuki caught a 9-something and a few slots. Jay was fishing to “get out of the trailer”. He said he was wanting to catch fish on blades. Spinners and chatters. I don’t know how he faired as for weights, onky that he said he was catching them pretty good on the other side of the bridge in 3 ft.

Must be nice to make a living fishing and follow the weather and get the experience of fishing lakes around the country.
Posted By: Chris_K

Re: Pros on Athens. - 12/29/19 01:13 AM

I had to bust out a Ned rig to catch some
Posted By: Brad Hardt

Re: Pros on Athens. - 12/29/19 01:17 AM

Posted By: Greg W

Re: Pros on Athens. - 12/29/19 01:28 AM

I only caught 8 at stock pond yesterday I mean you have a captive audience and still they were being picky. Finally switched to a small swim bait on an underspin to get bites.
Posted By: andy52887

Re: Pros on Athens. - 12/29/19 01:32 AM

Need to use your 5000 you got from Christmas and enter some opens to do the same if that’s what you really want to do.
Posted By: mudd

Re: Pros on Athens. - 12/29/19 01:54 AM

5k can buy a lot of guide trips u can learn more from then spending the money on ur boat to make it look purty
Posted By: Minner Bucket

Re: Pros on Athens. - 12/29/19 02:15 AM

Someone always figures it out!
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