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Phoenix 721?

Posted By: jbassman

Phoenix 721? - 12/23/19 04:49 PM

If you own or have rode in the 721 I,would like some feed back on performance, and overall quality. looking at a 2018.
Posted By: Txduckhunter

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/23/19 05:07 PM

From what I understand, the 721 is the fastest Phoenix. I've been in one, they are Cat fast or faster depending on the set-up. (no offense to the Cat guys)
Have friends that only run the 721 and others that run the 9's, all of them are happy with their boats and the ride.
Posted By: MIG Trucking

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/23/19 05:18 PM

I have had 3 different Phoenix boats, my latest being a 721. I have liked it the best out of all of them, for lots of reasons. I like the front end better, I like the way it handles better, its quicker. I like how it fishes and maneuvers around docks, marinas, etc. There is a reason that Gary Clouse drives a 721, in my opinion. I am getting a new Phoenix and it will be a 721 without a doubt.
Posted By: Jeff From Iowa

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/23/19 09:58 PM

I have a 920 I wouldnt want a 721 I feel like my deck is narrow when I have rods on the deck already and a 721 is more narrow. Its narrow enough that I had a round 9 inch seat made for when Im using it up front.

Id buy a 4 stroke only, hyd plate only, make sure whatever you get has two bilge pumps, has live well pump out etc. 721 are the cheaper boat of the 20/21 footers so they are often stripped down of options.

There are new 2018 phoenix on lots being blown out with 2 stroke mercs on them, I think I just saw one on fb the other day for 55-56k thats below the price of a stripped down 721.
Posted By: Jeremy Whitson

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/24/19 12:25 AM

Gary Clouse runs a 21 phx.. I have a 2018 920 I like it but the deck is short.. the 721 is narrow up front if u like that then buy it.
Posted By: Jeff From Iowa

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/24/19 12:30 AM

Front Deck measurements
A) @ console
B) @ front cleat
C) @ center of TM recess
D) Length from console to edge of bow shroud on center line

A) 78"
B) 71 1/2"
C) 47"
D) 97"

A) 77"
B) 68"
C) 47"
D) 85 1/2"

A) 76"
B) 64"
C) 41"
D) 90"
Posted By: Jeff From Iowa

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/24/19 12:34 AM

Brandon Clarke
December 12 at 2:59 PM


2019 Phoenix 920 ProXP w/ 2019 Mercury 250 ProXS 4 Stroke

24 Fury, Atlas hydraulic jackplate , MK Ultrex 112#, 2 HDS12 Lives at console, HDS16 Live at bow, 8' Power Pole Blades, Optima batteries, Loc-R-Bar, Hydrowave, Smartcraft, E-Start. Velocity wheels, Trick Step. Motor has warranty until September 2022. Loaded with all the bells & whistles. Asking $56,500
Call/Text Brandon: 931-625-7422 or email blester.fishing@gmail.com for more details.
Posted By: SteezMacQueen

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/24/19 12:39 AM

That’s priced to sell! ^^^^^^^
Posted By: Jeff From Iowa

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/24/19 12:44 AM

Originally Posted by SteezMacQueen
That’s priced to sell! ^^^^^^^

I paid 51,500 for mine used in 2017 100 hours no scratches damage and mine is a 2017 so yes that is a steal, mine had no poles talons etc. The 4 stroke mercury has almost 400 hours if I remember correctly on that one. Which wouldnt bother me with all that warranty anyways. Its a sexy white and blue boat also, very sharp.

For a Lowrance/power pole guy wow thats a steal.
Posted By: the skipper

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/24/19 01:40 AM

Had a 721 for a couple of years. Loved that boat. It does everything well.
Posted By: DEFMP

Re: Phoenix 721? - 12/24/19 07:14 PM

I have a 721 now, had a 921 previously, and been in a lot of 920s. 721 is narrower at the trolling motor(2017 models and newer are less narrow than the specs posted above because of the deck being raised). When I measured at Fun N Sun it was 1.5" each side of the trolling motor pedal compared to the 921(3" total).

Since you are asking about the 721, it's amazing, but so are all the others. I will soon be in the market for a new Phoenix, and I am torn between another 721 or a 921. The build quality is the same for all models, which is great, and customer service is stellar if there ever are issues. My boat at 2 years old, Phoenix still takes care of me if I ever have minor problems, no questions asked. The 721 is about 3 mph faster than a 921, and about the same speed as a 920. It rides really well in rough water, I mean really well! I don't think you'll be disappointed with the 721, I definitely wasn't. Just need to ask yourself if you want a 21' boat or 20.5' boat, and if you want a wider deck or not. Those two questions will help the search and decision.
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