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Motel/Lodge on Richland Chambers

Posted By: Lightnin

Motel/Lodge on Richland Chambers - 11/21/19 06:15 PM

I used the search tool but could not find it. What is the name of the Motel that has a restaurant and ramp on Richland Chambers?
Posted By: rickys

Re: Motel/Lodge on Richland Chambers - 11/21/19 06:17 PM

Oak Cove Marina.
Posted By: Tx Tree Grower

Re: Motel/Lodge on Richland Chambers - 11/21/19 06:59 PM

Oak Cove Marina is the one right off of 287 by the bridge. They have the motel rooms, ramp, and a restraunt/grill.

Fishermans Point is on the opposite side of the lake closer to the dam. They have cabins, restaurant, and a steep ramp.

Fishermans cove lodge is over by the 309 ramp. They have cabins.

Those are the main ones. I can't personally vouch for the quality of any of them. I live close to the lake so I've never stayed at any of them, but from what I understand none are fancy but all are fairly clean and good enough for a nasty ol bass fisherman.
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