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What lake

Posted By: Stratos2011

What lake - 11/18/19 07:44 PM

Going next weekend. what lake is hot right now. within 3 hours of north ft. worth. BASS
Posted By: Stratos2011

Re: What lake - 11/19/19 08:02 PM

No hot lakes in the area huh......LOL. Not looking for detailed info, just to know a lake is worth the drive. i haven't been out in over a month or so.
Posted By: Fishinfellow

Re: What lake - 11/19/19 08:22 PM

Squaw is the only place I know of right now that is kicking out fish. No necessarily any big ones though. You can go catch 30+ in a day pretty easily.
Posted By: Douglas J

Re: What lake - 11/19/19 09:59 PM

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