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Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics

Posted By: bulas56

Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/08/19 02:15 AM

Making first trip to Lake Noconiche next week. What are the best colors for soft plastics?
Posted By: 5PounderOnAFrog

Re: Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/08/19 02:40 PM

Whatever you have confidence in. Theyll eat just about anything out there.

I personally would throw green pumpkins and watermelon variations.
Posted By: bassnman

Re: Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/08/19 03:10 PM

Let us know how you do.
Posted By: benhood

Re: Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/08/19 03:44 PM

We are making our annual fall trip there at the end of the month. We usually do a spring trip and a fall trip but wasn't able to make it this last spring. Generally yes, you can catch them on all kinds of baits - plastics, chatter baits, swim jigs. Last fall there had been a lot of rain just before our trip and the lake was almost entirely muddy and we didn't do very well in the usual spots. That was my worst trip ever there. The only good ones were only being caught out in that open water area away from the boat ramp on deep diving crawdad colored crank baits. But if the lake is it's normal self, then they can be caught just about anywhere. I always have success with green pumpkin baby brush hogs, black grape berkley powerbait worms and green pumpkin reaction innovations man bear pigs. Those catch lots of average and smaller ones, just pitching them in between the logs. Have caught bigger ones on underspins swimming black and blue swim baits. My nephew always catches the big ones but he mainly throws those great big swim baits like the huddlestons, etc. in deeper water. We kayak fish so we can get back into some tough areas and have a blast! Think it was last fall we paddled way back up the south arm and tore them up on top water frogs. Doubt those fish had ever seen a lure! We were having a blast until a rotted tree fell and crashed pretty close to us! Scared us so we paddled back out! Anyhow, hope you have a great trip and let us know how it goes. It's my favorite lake to fish, no doubt! And yes, you will be aghast of how much timber is in that lake. Don't think you will have every fished anything like it. Floating logs every where and stumps every where. Hard to decide which one to throw at!!! A bass boat can get around and get to some really good fishing spots and there are boat lanes but there are also submerged stumps in those lanes in spots. It's like no other lake I've ever fished. I think you'll have a blast. Might catch a PB! My nephew has caught several 7's and couple going over 8. I've caught one 8 and several 5 lbrs, but I've caught lots of just 1 to 2 #'s some days. They can be holding under just about any log!
Posted By: Jarrett Latta

Re: Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/08/19 03:48 PM

Black and blue
Posted By: Craw worm

Re: Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/08/19 05:23 PM

I like darker colors out there. Black, purple, or dark green.
Posted By: Gamblingman

Re: Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/08/19 06:15 PM

black and blue is all I use there
Posted By: bulas56

Re: Lake Noconiche Soft Plastics - 10/09/19 01:59 AM

Thanks for the help....hope to have a great time
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