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Any Texoma Reports?

Posted By: SmalljawNH

Any Texoma Reports? - 10/04/19 02:11 PM

I might head up this weekend to do some looking around. Thought I'd ask to see how the fishing has been and what the conditions are. Primarily looking for black bass but wouldn't pass up an opportunity to catch schooling stripers.

Posted By: UTDmiller

Re: Any Texoma Reports? - 10/04/19 02:32 PM

Basschamps is a week out, most will be tight lipped
Posted By: SmalljawNH

Re: Any Texoma Reports? - 10/06/19 02:17 AM

I went up today. Got there at 7am and launched. Water temp was 77 degrees in Eisenhower and shad were in the backs of the creeks.

Fishing was pretty good. I had a monster on for a few minutes fighting to get it out of a boathouse. I skipped a chatterbait up under the door and the fish wrapped up in a steel crossmember immediately. Eventually it cut the line. No idea how big, but big.
Posted By: danceswithbass

Re: Any Texoma Reports? - 10/07/19 09:48 AM

I went Saturday and shad were definitely starting to migrate, front 1/3 of creek arms and shad patterns were working good.
Posted By: txsuperman

Re: Any Texoma Reports? - 10/07/19 03:58 PM

Still lots of suspended fish in Marinas and boat houses. Found several spots where the largemouth and small mouth were schooling up shallow gorging on shad halfway back in creeks. That was fast and furious, but big fish. Square bill bite was good all day in one color. Fish are still at mouths of creek. Cooler weather should have the big ones eating
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