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Ultrex broke

Posted By: Sdavis37

Ultrex broke - 09/07/19 09:42 PM

Trolling motor won’t work when foot pedal button is pushed, works on continuous and spot lock but does nothing when button is stepped on
Posted By: CrappieXpress

Re: Ultrex broke - 09/07/19 10:02 PM

I bet it’s the reed switch under the button. That switch is nothing more than a ball bearing inside a tube that is activated by the magnet on the underside of the button. If the switch gets too far from the bottom of the button it won’t work. I had one that went out and had to completely replace the reed switch (about 15-20 dollars) but usually they just get out of adjustment.
Posted By: CrappieXpress

Re: Ultrex broke - 09/07/19 10:04 PM

Google ultrex or fortrex reed switch adjustment. There are a lot of threads on other sites about how to readjust the switch. Should take about 2-3 minutes to get you back running.
Posted By: NoWeighers

Re: Ultrex broke - 09/08/19 12:08 PM

Had the same problem with mine.. Small diameter switch in sleeve under pedal button.. Two small wires attached at bottom.. Slide it upward slightly and gently till it starts to operate. A pointy awl or pocket knife will work.. Make take a couple of trys..

Does not take much movement.. Just a little..
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