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Mean Mouth Bass

Posted By: Mike Keenan

Mean Mouth Bass - 07/21/19 03:51 PM

What are these a hybrid of? I caught either a smallmouth or a mean mouth at Roberts Friday, just curious to what it was?

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Posted By: C.Seymour

Re: Mean Mouth Bass - 07/21/19 04:36 PM

Spot / Smallmouth Cross.
Posted By: NickHasty

Re: Mean Mouth Bass - 07/21/19 04:41 PM

That looks like a smallmouth to me.
Posted By: fivebites

Re: Mean Mouth Bass - 07/21/19 06:23 PM

On your mark. Get set. Let's argue! hammer
Posted By: C.Seymour

Re: Mean Mouth Bass - 07/21/19 06:48 PM

I just said hybrid cross because it looks very similar to the record caught on RR, that was confirmed as hybrid through genetic testing. Could be a smallmouth for all I know.
Posted By: adchunts

Re: Mean Mouth Bass - 07/21/19 07:54 PM

Meanmouth is commonly used to refer to a spot/smallmouth hybrid. There are a couple of states (Arkansas is one) that recognize meanmouth as its own distinct fish. Here in Texas, there are a bunch of mutt bass. Seems that smallmouth, spots, and Guadalupe bass frequently interbreed to create various crosses that are difficult to tell apart. Did your fish have a tongue patch? I have been checking every odd bass I catch just to see. The strongly colored smallmouth I catch do not have a patch. This one did:

[Linked Image]
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