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Shipping Talons

Posted By: Der Vorsteher

Shipping Talons - 07/16/19 08:20 PM

I got an incredible offer on 2 talons. I am negotiating a deal with the shipping included. Any idea what it would cost to ship two 8 foot talons?

Anyone done this before?
Posted By: Shallow Waters

Re: Shipping Talons - 07/16/19 08:56 PM

These days it depends on the dimensions of how the shipper will package it. I sent you a PM,
Posted By: Caymas Cx 21

Re: Shipping Talons - 07/16/19 09:09 PM

I sent two via fedex last year and paid for them to package and2k worth of insurance, cost me 270$. They were beat to hell when the got to Arizona. I ended up paying the buyers MK dealer to fix them for another 300$ and it was all legit and never received a dime from insurance. Lesson learned and will never do that again, ever.
Posted By: Jeff From Iowa

Re: Shipping Talons - 07/16/19 09:17 PM

old style are hard to find a foot pedal for fyi
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